We're helping communication service providers reimagine themselves by updating outdated tech and operating standards, adopting new growth models, and driving hyper-personalization.


Let us help you solve your customer's problems before they do.


We help you go beyond connectivity and embrace digital services as you prepare for 5G technology advancements. Communication service providers need to follow a bold strategy to survive and grow in today's marketplace.

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Telcos have the chance to play an essential role in shaping digital-enabled economies by developing their offerings so that they’re easy for technology and service companies of all sizes.

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Our team can help you in all areas related to software architecture, product design, engineering, and maintenance. Let us help you rapidly launch new services that delight individual and business customers.

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Delivering solutions to more than 900 healthcare organizations across North America.

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Our future vision of telecom

From Telco to Techco
The transition to 5G technology will dramatically increase the number of devices connected and data transmitted. You'll have to rethink handling 50 million customers and start thinking about managing 500 million devices.
Virtualized Networks
Service providers must plan for the proliferation of new tech by dynamically scaling their resource requirements. Deploy solutions that will improve the observability of your network’s performance levels and protect its architectural integrity.
Smart Everything
Get ready for the proliferation of smart cities, smart utilities, smart retail, smart homes, smart fleets, smart assets, and more. Every carrier needs a platform that allows businesses to prototype, test and connect IoT devices to reduce costs, increase productivity and safety.
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Custom Telecom Solutions

5G Strategy
Digital and next-generation technologies are disrupting the telecoms industry. You can use our services to determine how best to deploy 5G given your existing assets while leveraging new digital tech like software-defined networks (SDN) or Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).
Telecom AI & ML
Telecom machine learning and telecom artificial intelligence are changing customer service. Telecoms can offer a more personalized experience for their customers. This new insight into what your company's clients want before they even ask gives you an edge in predicting future trends.
Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT lays the foundation for a future where even telcos will depend on devices to interact and connect people, data, and processes using 5G. Sensors for predictive maintenance will reduce costs by preventing equipment from being offline.
Modernize Operations
Telcos must adopt new technologies and provide upgrades in infrastructure that can handle all potential opportunities. This will help reduce complexity by cutting costs and support efficiency and agility, so processes are aligned with business objectives.

Unique Capabilities

Telecommunications companies are racing to digitize and evolve to address customer needs, increasing competition, and external threats. We help telcos digitally implement products, processes, and services to unlock significant value for their customers.
Network Excellence
We help telcos drive 5G rollouts by embedding automation intelligence to balance traffic, healing failures with advanced analytics - all while deploying cost-effective, targeted rollouts of network coverage.
Technology is the force that drives progress. We work to integrate and apply technologies for your benefit, working with you on a one-on-one basis to create breakthrough innovations - we're here as an extension of your team at every step.
Technology Advisory Services
Legacy systems can get in the way of a company's growth. Our technology advisors will develop strategies for implementing new technologies while still making the most out of your legacy equipment. We'll work closely with you throughout this process, guiding you through the roadmap to secure everything from start to finish.

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