Our healthcare clients can deliver affordable services that help people achieve better outcomes by using innovative technologies.


We thrive on solving complex problems for highly regulated environments such as healthcare.


Our healthcare consulting offer is a one-stop shop for enterprises that want to adopt new technologies and more imaginative ways of working. We have a long and successful history of transforming healthcare clients to deliver better outcomes.

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Technology innovation is revolutionizing healthcare by enabling the delivery of personalized care. Doctors can have a more intimate understanding and better relationships with their patients with insights at their fingertips.

AI and Machine Learning
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Our team can help you in all areas related to software architecture, product design, engineering, and maintenance. The goal is always to develop safe, effective, and compliant solutions.

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Delivering solutions to more than 900 healthcare organizations across North America.

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Our future vision of healthcare

Remote Patient Monitoring
As a healthcare software development company, we’ve seen the trend of allowing physicians and patients at home. It enables healthcare providers to track a patient’s healthcare data, reduce admission rates, and monitor more patients at once.
The best way to keep a patient safe is through comprehensive medical records. This allows the caregiver to make informed decisions at every point in their treatment plan. We imagine a world where records follow patients no matter who treats them next.
Data-Driven Decisions
With data analytics, healthcare providers can make quick decisions to improve patient care and medical workflow. Harness the power of Big Data and provide a comprehensive approach for analyzing your needs to deliver effective solutions.
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Custom Healthcare Solutions

EHR/EMR Applications
We don't just help you develop and implement custom EHR/EMR applications that provide automated paperless medical workflows. We also enable the interoperability of your systems. This boosts efficiency and reduces operational costs to make our customers more efficient in delivering safe, quality care for their patients.
Patient Engagement Solutions
With our end-to-end patient engagement expertise, healthcare providers can now engage with their patients through informative and interactive online tools. Patients not only have the opportunity to ask questions in a secure messaging format but also book appointments or pay bills instantly.
Healthcare Data & Analytics
When you're looking to make informed decisions throughout your organization, tap into our advanced healthcare data analytics know-how. Inform operational procedures and processes with data insights that will lead to cost optimization and improved clinical outcomes.
Medical Software Development
We're developing medical software to help with tracking, managing equipment, and supplies, processing insurance claims for reimbursement as well as executing electronic billing procedures.

Unique Capabilities

Digital Acceleration
The future of healthcare is digital and data-driven. Integrating new technologies like AI will enable more accurate analyses, ultimately accelerating treatment while saving lives, time and money.
Compliance with regulatory requirements is a must. We have decades of experience with federal and state compliance such as HIPAA, GDPR, FDA, HITRUST, CLIA, NIST, and others.
Maintaining high standards in patient care requires deep integration experience. We’ve helped clients with HL7, FHIR, and several large-scale EHR platforms.
User-Centric UX
We're always at the forefront of medical technology, developing software that's intuitive and minimizes patient risk. We also make sure our programs are widely adopted by patients and clinicians alike.

Future Technology

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
We help leverage the power of AI and ML to process enormous datasets and interpret complex medical data, thus leading to better disease prediction, anticipating patient outcomes, and recommending the best interventions.
With blockchain, we can securely transfer health records among clinicians with an audit trail. Blockchain provides data transparency, and smart contracts deliver secure access to sensitive medical data.
Internet of Things (IoT)
To make medicine more personal and efficient, we create a connected infrastructure of medical devices, software applications, health systems. This will unlock the potential of data-driven treatment so that patients can achieve better outcomes, even at home.
Voice Solutions
We've invested heavily in voice technology to help patients feel more at ease when scheduling, checking prescription status, and accessing post-discharge instructions.

Ready to transform healthcare?

We would love to partner with you to create technology-enabled, insight-driven solutions that improve the lives of patients and caregivers.