We’re a team of engineers and scientists dedicated to transforming ideas into reality.

Protecting your data is our business.

HIPAA & BAA Compliance
Certified HIPAA & BAA compliance by applying access control, audit control, data integrity, authentication, and secure data transmission best practices.
Engagement Privacy
Privacy matters, therefore, we use HIPAA compliant messaging platforms for internal and external communications as well as deploying a separate environment for each client.
Been There & Seen That
Decades of experience and a documented track record of helping the world’s leading organizations gain competitive advantages through technical and digital leadership.
years working with leading multinational corporations and startups.


issued patents in the United States, with over 300 issued patents worldwide.


in additional revenue generated for clients.

Let their success do the talking.

Steven W. Goldstein
Serial Entrepreneur and Inventor
"For anyone who is looking to get the job done, Michael has never let me down. He’s a 24/7 soldier, from experimentation, to design, to hard crafted one-offs; Michael is a jack-of-all-trades in addition to being a great manager and leader. You would be lucky to have his hands and mind in translating your vision into a tangible device or solution."
Jason Child
CFO Splunk, Former CFO
Amazon, Opendoor, and Groupon
"In my 20 years in working at technology companies such as Amazon, Groupon, Opendoor and Jawbone, if I had to pick one person to solve a complicated technology challenge in the shortest time possible, Michael would be at the top of my list. He is resourceful, scrappy and has focus unlike anyone I have ever seen. He is an incredible technologist."
Dr. Ross Bott
President & CEO
SEVEN Networks
"Michael relishes tackling and solving the toughest technical problems. He has the ability to almost intuitively find the core of a solution to a difficult problem, but understands and practices the principle that the core idea to solving a difficult problem is often the first step in a long process to achieve a fully workable solution. He has an extraordinary work ethic, and focuses until the job is completely done."

Michael Luna

Michael Luna is a prolific inventor who holds or is named on more than 94 issued US patents (as well as hundreds of pending applications). Michael served in the US Navy as an Interior Communications Electrician in the Naval Nuclear Power Program and has held CTO positions at multiple technology companies. — Openwave Systems Inc., SEVEN Networks and Jawbone, to name a few —in fields ranging from biomedicine to telecoms to consumer electronics. He was most recently the CTO for Jawbone Health Hub.

Marcus Turner

Marcus Turner is a seasoned and analytical technical leader with a successful track record in the planning and delivery of large-scale enterprise-wide solutions in mission-critical environments. A certified Architect with proven ability to create realistic expectations, develop accurate schedules and budgets, allocate resources, resolve critical path issues, provide cross-functional team leadership, and deliver results consistently within budget.

Felipe Fernandes

Felipe Fernandes is a payment industry and technology veteran with over 15 years of experience building and scaling early to mid-stage companies. With tours of duty as the head of product, overseeing a 50+ person engineering department, and running a customer success team responsible for ~$10MM ARR, Felipe is a customer-centric executive known for delivering results.

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