Provide high-risk patients vital vision screenings.

Software Delivery

What was the problem?

More than 71 Million patients who are at high risk for preventable vision loss are recommended for annual retinal exams. Unfortunately, only 50% of these patients actually receive a yearly exam. Insight Optics looks to take advantage of the high availability of primary care physicians to facilitate vision exams and connect results with ophthalmologists all using a hardware integrated solution.

What did we do?

Enola Labs, a Pi Tech company, built an iOS application, HIPPA compliant back end, and a website to review exam results. Vision screenings are facilitated by a primary care physician through the use of an ophthalmoscope that is connected to a phone using the application allowing the physician to record a video of the patient’s retina. The results are saved to a HIPPA compliant database and then sent directly to an ophthalmologist for analysis through the website.

How did they benefit?

Insight Optics solution aims to provide high-risk patients the vital vision screenings they need as efficiently as possible. The solution will significantly reduce patient wait times and optimize the screening process so patients can get the necessary treatment as quickly as possible. Insight Optics solution has the ability to not only transform an outdated process within healthcare, but also truly change patient’s lives.