Patient-centered care - anytime, anywhere.

Technology Consulting
Software Delivery

What was the problem?

AirStrip improves healthcare delivery with mobile interoperability solutions that unite clinicians and patients across geographic, technology and workflow boundaries. Their solutions provide the engagement, collaboration and insight caregivers and health systems need to provide patient-centered care— anytime, anywhere.

What did we do?

AirStrip enlisted Enola Labs, a Pi Tech company, to provide an architectural and technical analysis to include recommendations and planning on the best approach for implementation of Airstrip’s web client. The overall project included how to both provide a white labeled client portal, as well as Airstrip components into existing client portals, apps and applications.

How did they benefit?

With the help of the Enola Labs, a Pi Tech company, architects and engineers, AirStrip has a path to product growth. Our team provided AirStrip with an architectural roadmap to project success as well as a dedicated web engineering team to help implement their rollout of client portals, apps and applications.